Shutterstock, a global technology company, has created the largest and most vibrant two-sided marketplace for creative professionals to license content - including images, videos and music - as well as innovative tools that power the creative process.

The company has expanded its portfolio to include Bigstock, a value-oriented stock media agency PremiumBeat, a curated royalty-free music library; Rex Features, a premier source of editorial images for the world's media; and WebDAM, a cloud-based digital asset management platform for businesses, as well as creating Offset, a high-end image collection.


Shutterstock's blog was by far the most complexed Squarespace website to date. We used multiple .regions, .lists, .conf's, .items, and a whole lot of Javascript. Also, we used Mustache.js for the random image quotes and even our search results. At the time Shutterstock was not using the Squarespace's ImageLoader since they had their own. Purl.js is also being implemented as we needed to parse a couple aspects of the site. My first task was actually quite simple: Make the blog have an infinite scroll feature. When its fetching the articles load in a Shutterstock preloader GIF. I give a lot of credit to Big Human who handled a lot of the technical issues in the backend. One of the most interesting things about Shutterstock was Custom Fields. If my memory serves me correctly the whole Custom Fields feature on the developer platform was originally created for Shutterstock. 

As of today Shutterstock's blog has been moved off of the Squarespace servers. Below is what the site looked like before the transition to their custom CMS.